Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is often used by many companies and individuals worldwide. In social media, there is a huge change in finding your peers on any platform, but with the right strategies. 
One of the key benefits is targeting by allowing ads to be served based on location, age, gender, interests, and other relevant information from your audience. 

In conclusion, if you want to find your next customers online, social media marketing is needed for a better reach. Don’t be on the losing team and start growing on social media with our services:



1000 ZAR/month


1750 ZAR/month


2500 ZAR/month

Reach up to 4,500 profiles Reach up to 9,000 profiles Reach up to 13,500 profiles
Ad Monitoring Ad Monitoring Ad Monitoring
1 Analytical Report 2 Analytical Report 3 Analytical Report
Customer Relationship Management Customer Relationship Management  Customer Relationship Management 
1 – 5 campaign days for ad 1 – 10 campaign days for ad 1 – 15 campaign days for ad
Total Budget: 100 ZAR Total Budget: 250 ZAR Total Budget: 350 ZAR
Go For It! Go For It! Go For It!