8 ways to increase your engagement on social media

Your engagement on any social media platform can be a big tell-tale sign of how well your ideal customers or community responds to what you’re offering. Hence why you need to make sure that it is always increasing. We have got 8 tricks to help you: Post quality content We don't care what kind of [...]


What’s IGTV and how can you use it for business?

Instagram it's like a faucet of features; it just keeps amazing us with incredible new features that always seem to be better than the latter. It's a features wonderland and it's latest feature is the Instagram TV a.k.a. IGTV. Before IGTV, we had Instagram Stories that would last only a few seconds each and we [...]

Instagram’s Explore page is getting a makeover

The Explore page will now feature buttons on the top of the page in a carousel, giving users the option to swipe through subjects of their liking and see more posts about those specific subjects.  This means that you will be able to see more content related to your interests and not irrelevant ones that you [...]