6 ways to use Facebook live for business

Live streaming is a fun and engaging way of connecting with your followers/customers but not many businesses or individuals know how to use it for business.

Well, stress no more because we have got you covered with these six ways to get your business streaming live on Facebook:

Customer Service

Many of your customers probably have asked a few questions or just want to clear out some issues and hosting a live broadcast can be just the right trick to solve their problems.

You can discuss the issue or matter over live video and the viewers can also comment whilst watching your video which gives you the opportunity to engage with your audience.

Product Demos

Whether it is a physical product or just services, you can use Facebook Live to do a demo and excite your customers about buying your products/services.

This way, your potential buyers are already there for you to show them why they need what you offer.

Run a Q&A

Facebook Live broadcast is a great idea for a Q+A. You’re setting aside a dedicated amount of time and answering questions from your followers.

This is huge for creating brand loyalty, and just connecting with your customers/followers.

Launch a new product or service

Whenever you want to launch something, think about using Facebook Live as a part of your launch.

First, go live to tease your new product or service to create a lot of anticipation and suspense. This will just make them want to buy even more.

On the big day, live stream from your launch party to celebrate with your customers and let them know that the new product/service is available for purchase.

Don’t forget to include the link to the sales page in your description, but be sure to say it a few times also.


Let’s face it, everyone loves announcements more than we realise it. If we give someone a hint of an upcoming thing, they will just be waiting for it to come out like a puppy waiting for its owner to come back from work.

Use Facebook Live to release live announcements and get your customers hooked,


Everyone loves a sneak peek of what is going on behind the curtains and showing that to them will just increase your brand loyalty. They will feel more connected to your business than ever before.

Use Facebook Live to show your processes or just how your team hangs out and deals with things.