7 tips on how to start using Twitter for business

Twitter is a great platform that offers many opportunities for businesses of all shapes and sizes as well as for individuals who want to start one.

Wanting to start is something most people already are certain of, but how to start and when to start is the tricky part.

As for when, you start your business whenever you feel that it is the moment, however, there is no such thing as perfect timing.

As for how to start using Twitter for business, here are some tips:

Use hashtags

Hashtags are a wonderful way of being found by your potential customers and collaborators.

Just take in mind that you are not supposed to overload your post with hashtags.

Create a great hashtag strategy that will coordinate you throughout your posts on Twitter.

Don’t avoid direct messages

Direct messages have evolved and that is good for your business because it means that you can reach for your potential customer more personally.

There is no limit as characters in direct messages so you can text as much as you need and get your prospects interest.

Just don’t spam them.

Go visual

Don’t just tweet plaintexts as it bores your audience, and even us.

Be a bit more creative and tweet visual content that will grasp your audience’s attention and boost your engagement rate.

Opt for videos — video marketing is taking the internet by a storm — images, infographics and even gifs.

Remember that you have to bring some interactive content too, so opt for polls as well and watch your business grow.

Host a Twitter Chat

Twitter Chats usually occurs when several Twitter users discuss a specific topic using a shared hashtag.

The host usually asks questions with labels such as Q1 and Q2, and the responders would usually come up with a label for their answers such as A1 and A2.

Twitter chats are a great way of showing that you are social or care about your customers’ opinion.

Reach out for influencers

It doesn’t matter if you are new or not; influencer marketing is great for any type or size of business.

Now, we know that collaborating with influencers can be something frightening but it doesn’t have to be.

No one said that they have to be huge ones with more than 50 or 100 followers; Micro influencers are effective too and cheaper.

The key is to reach out for influencers within your industry and with a great engagement rate.

Those are the ones that can bring you a lot of customers.

Don’t buy followers

We know that it can be amazing to have a huge number of followers at a fast pace, but buying them is not the right way.

You want customers that interact/engage with your posts and not just some numbers that bring no value to your business,

Quality always overpowers quantity, folks.

Listen and Learn

Social listening is a powerful way of growing your business the right way.

The tip is to listen to what your (potential) customers are saying about your business or the services/products you provide.

It’s a great way of knowing what they are interested in, what they think of your business and what they want.

This way, you can use what they are saying to evolve your business based on it.