5 ways how Facebook could get you local customers

Are you searching for ways to boost the visibility of your local business?

Well, with a few organic tactics, you can reach more local customers on Facebook without spending money a dime on it.

Use Facebook Search to find out potential customers

It might sound silly but you can easily find your potential customers by searching them on Facebook.

Just use the right terms, the ones that your customers would probably use when they seek for services, and you will be given the number of people who are suffering and need you to be their Superman.

Example: If you are window repairer, you should probably search for “broken window” and you will be directed to your potential customer.

Simple, right?

Use analytics to time and target your posts

Dig into your Facebook page’s Insights and find out exactly what works for your brand.

Know when and how to target them by seeing the posts they mostly engage with and when does that happen.

Solve problems your customers face

Show your potential customers that you have the solution to their problems through great content and marketing.

Let them know just how significant your brand is to them.

Build an email list with your Facebook for better conversion rates

Conversion rates are higher on Facebook because everyone is comfortable with the platform and people already interested in your services will be following you so it will be way easier to convert those people into loyal customers.

Tip: Create an HTML email subscription code then add the code to your Facebook page through the static HTML application.

Join local groups

Join Facebook groups where your potential customers normally hang on. This is an organic way of connecting with people of your community who can easily spread the word about your business to others.

Tip: Propose some events and be a sponsor of the activities. It will work well with connecting with your local clients.