8 ways to increase your engagement on social media

Your engagement on any social media platform can be a big tell-tale sign of how well your ideal customers or community responds to what you’re offering. Hence why you need to make sure that it is always increasing.

We have got 8 tricks to help you:

  • Post quality content

  • We don’t care what kind of business you are or if you are a pro in what you do. The quality of your content is what going to get me to share it and like it.

  • Use the right hashtags

  • Hashtags help you to increase your brand awareness if only used the right way. If used wrongly, you will attract the wrong audience and no one will be there to take interest in your content.

  • Post when your customers are online

  • Know the time when your customers are mostly online on social media and post during those times. You can use the insights features provided by each platform to know when your followers are mostly online.

  • Know your top posts

  • Every brand or individual has one kind of content that always seems to get the most engagement out of their audience. Those are your top posts and the ones you should be focusing more on.

    If people are liking them is because they love it so why not give them more?

  • Post consistently

  • Consistency is the key to social media success. Posting consistently will give your followers something to always look forward too and share every day.

  • Ask questions in your captions

  • Once in a while, a few questions in your caption will do everyone some good. Ask them industry like, funny or just random questions that you know have a high chance of being answered.

  • Focus on making friends, not followers

  • You need to be social and not do social. Create strong relationships and the outcome will be better than just having followers that just add up to the numbers.
  • Host a contest

  • You want your posts to be loud in engagement rate?! Host a contest and people will even tag their grandmas to win the prize and you will be having a lot of people engaging in your content.