8 Social media marketing myths that you should watch out for

Social media marketing is a powerful way for businesses of all sizes to reach prospects and customers. It’s such an amazing way to do yourself and if you cannot, many businesses offer help.

With more than 98% of digital consumers on social media, it would be outrageous if you didn’t take advantage of its power.

There are many platforms to market your business on, but be aware of the myths you hear about each and how to market your business on them.

Trust us, there are many out there, but these eight myths are the ones you should really watch out for.

8 Social media marketing myths you should not fall for.

  • Likes and followers are equivalent to success

  • Sure you have seen many social media accounts that have thousands and, even millions, of followers and likes, assuming that those people represent their success; that all of them are their target audience or customers.

    Well, it is a lie!

    Followers and likes don’t equal success — at least not to the full percentage. Many brands, specially new ones, seek to have a huge following assuming that all of those who follow them will see interest in their brand.


    Instead of focusing on raw numbers, focus on engagement metrics because this is where you see how many of your followers are truly invested in your business.

  • It is free to market on social media

  • Don’t be fooled.

    Sure it is free to signup to many of the leading social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but marketing on them isn’t.

    Social media marketing demands attention and consistency which demand time. All the research you will carry, the effort investing into it and much more requires time and money.

    Nowadays, organic reach rate is dropping faster than we can blink and you will have to invest into paid ads.

    Those are just a few mentioned reasons why social media marketing is not free.

  • Your brand must be managed by a young manager

  • Social media marketing is great and all, but it can be a nightmare to those who don’t really understand it.

    So, it’s no surprise, that many brands assume that their social media manager must be a young person, perhaps one of the late millennials since it’s ‘in their blood’.

    Sure, the millennials were born when social media was too, but it doesn’t mean that an older person can’t do the job.

    Social media marketing is not rocket science, people, but it is not easy too. You just need to know a few ropes and start working with them until you have achieved your goals.

  • You should have your brand on every platform

  • We know, we know. You want to spread awareness so fast and being everywhere will get everywhere, right?


    Trying to be everywhere will get you nowhere, trusts us.

    You should focus on the platforms that your prospects and customers are on instead of wasting your time on places that you will barely visit.

    Wasting time on accounts that you will barely touch is a complete waste of time and just plain idiocy.

    Don’t do it!

  • Social media is a separate strategy

  • Social media marketing is amazing, we know and it sometimes it can be used as a separate strategy. It will take a lot of effort to use it as a separate strategy.

    It is best to interlace it with other strategies like content marketing, SEO, influencer marketing and personal branding.

    Aligned with other strategies it is way stronger than alone.

  • Your audience comes naturally

  • Eureka!

    That’s a great myth over there.

    It is said that by just creating great content and radiating greatness from your brand is enough to attract the right audience and succeed on social media.

    Well, that is not accurate, people. Even great content starts in the dark and you need to shed light to it by promoting your content and brand to your target audience.

    Give them a little push to start sharing your content, because there is no better thing than a follower that creates followers.

  • Hashtags are extremely important for success

  • Hashtags are important, but not extremely important that you must use them on every content you post.

    They are usually used when you want to join a conversation, be part of a trending topic or just want to be found by the people that normal use those tags.

    It’s understandable if you want to use them on every post, but don’t over do it. A few hashtags are enough, not a whole essay of them.

    Don’t give the impression that you are trying too hard or are trying to spam them to death.

    Stay low-key.

  • Social media doesn’t drive bottom-line results

  • Many people think that social media marketing is only great enough to engage with your audience and nothing else, but is so much more than that. Trust us!Besides being a great traffic generator for your content and website, it also gives you leads and customers.

    Social media is a valuable and power way to reach your prospects and customers, being a cost effective way of doing so.

    To be truly useful, you need to know what you doing and what you want to get from it.

    Just make sure to not be fooled by these myths.