Tweeters demand fast response from brands

Chatbots enable brands rapidly connect and engage with its costumers without leaving them to wait a century to receive a response.

More than fifty percent of twitter users expect a brand to answer their message under one hour.

Yup, you only have got one damn hour to answer their message before they feel less prioritised.

One hour isn’t exactly enough time to answer to numerous Direct Messages and Tweets, that unless you have a chatbot keeping your response rate on flick.

Now, some marketers believe that chat bots don’t really add value to their lead generation strategy and others think that they are pretty limited – in a way that they can only respond basic questions and show their weakness when it comes to complex ones.

But here is the thing: Chatbots enable brands to communicate easily and faster its their customers, bring great customer experience if built right and even create great relationships with your customers through such great communication.

Chatbots help businesses to generate leads to their website in easier and cost effective way. They are set to become a common channel for businesses that wish to communicate better with their customers.

We can ignore them now, but let’s not forget that technology is evolving and that one day we will all see that chat it’s can really help a brand communicate with its customers.

You never know…