5 ways to use Twitter Lists for business marketing

Twitter lists are a way to organize the people you are following on Twitter in groups. These are a curated stream of members’ most recent tweets.

It is a way to organize your twitter feed so that you can read posts from a few selected users.

Once you have created a list, only tweets from people on that list will appear in a separate feed.

We have gone through what Twitter lists are and now we are going to let you know how you can benefit from them.

1. Industry trends, news and leaders

Create a twitter list of experts in your field, news and magazines.

You can use these lists to engage with industry leaders, keep yourself updated and use them as a retweeting resource.

A few lists like such might already be out there so you can just subscribe to them and see what is going on there.

You have a chance to increase your business network and grow even more.

2. Customer’s list

Create a list with all of your customers in it. You can create for your potential customers and your current customers, separate them if you wish so.

Use this lists to engage with your customers and just be there for them. Provide customer services through your lists and don’t forget that customer experience comes in all shapes and colours.

Delight them with fresh and accurate content that they will enjoy and appreciate. Do you want to tag those loyal ones?

Do it and make things more interesting.

3. Employees’ list

Create a list of all of your employees in it. Use this lists for engaging with your employees and to inform them of any matter concerning the business.

If their tweets are relevant and somewhat interesting for the business, you can retweet easily.

This can also be a place where all your employees can interact with each other and become more united.

4. Competitor’s list

Create one single list where all your competitors are in it. This can help you monitor their activity, know about their updates, keep an eye on their strategies and see what works for them, and what might work for you… you never know.

Staying smart and discreet is the trick, that’s why creating a private Twitter list will be a great idea. They don’t need to know that you have been spying on them.

5. Influencers and Loyal Fans’ list

Influence marketing is everywhere these days and a list full of influencers is sure a great step ahead to connect and build relationships with them. With such list, you can see what type of content they promote and how you can reach them to help you with your content strategy.

As for your loyal fans, these are those people that always engage with your brand either by retweeting, quoting or commenting on your tweets. Make a list just for them so that they can know that you appreciate what they are doing and that their effort is valued.