How to grow your business using Social Media SEO?

What is Social media SEO?

Before we jump to the topic in hand, let me just walk you through what social media SEO is first.
Social media SEO looks up to how social media activities can increase your website’s organic traffic through search engines.

How social media supports SEO?

Although they have their differences, both social media and SEO seek to increase brand awareness/visibility, either on a social media platform or just through search engines.

Cream and Green Process Flow Chart

How to use social media SEO to grow your business?

Get top quality links

Backlinks or Inbound links are links received by a web source to another, and also an indication of the popularity if that site.
Backlinks have a strong effect on how your site ranks so making sure that they are working and are of great quality will increase your visibility.
By focusing your efforts on better social media marketing, you are more likely to attract the right type of backlink opportunities.

Build a strong audience

The marketplace is highly competitive and that is why you have to put in the needed extra effort to actively reach out to your target audience.
Social media makes it easy for you to build your web presence. It lets you connect with the right audience for your business.

Increase the number of branded searches

Social media marketing helps you increase your brand awareness. When more people know your business, you’ll find more of them clicking on your content in the search engine result pages. Seeing that Google and other search engines find click-through rates important, this can significantly impact your rankings and increase your visibility.

Understand your audience

SEO requires using effective keywords on your content and for that, you need to understand what your audience wants, the words they socialise with.
To understand more what your audience seeks, track their conversations and get insights of it (social listening) or just ask them through email surveys and website surveys if you find social listening to be too stalkerish.

Go local

For all the small and medium businesses, with a physical location, don’t overlook the power the power of local search. Google knows how geography can be crucial for some businesses and also drives its focus to it.
To take advantage of local search, keep all your profiles updated with current address, phone number, company name and so on. Don’t leave a single profile missing out as this can help you increase your brand awareness.

Be part of active conversations

When you converse with your followers, the sense of community grows, leading to a stronger bonding. These interactive conversations are a crucial part of your social media SEO efforts as they help you build authority while delivering value.